Year 2019


[189] Strain-Mediated Phase Stabilization: A New strategy for Ultrastable α-CsPbI3 Perovskite by Nanoconfined Growth
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Small, 1900219 (2019) VIEW

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Heechang Shin, Bhupendra K. Sharma, Seung Won Lee, Jae-Bok Lee, Minwoo Choi, Luhing, Cheolmin Park,
Jin Hwan Choi, Tae Woong Kim, and Jong-Hyun Ahn*
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ACS Nano (2019), Under rivision 

[186] Interactive Skin Display with Epidermal Stimuli Electrode
Eui Hyuk Kim, Hyowon Han, Seunggun Yu, Chanho Park, Gwangmook Kim, Beomjin Jeong, Seung Won Lee, Jong Sung Kim, Seokyeong Lee, Joohee Kim, Jang-Ung Park, Wooyoung Shim, and Cheolmin Park*

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Advanced Optical Materials. 7, 1801283 (2019)VIEW  [back cover]



Year 2018

[182] Triboelectric Nanogenerators with Transfer-printed Arrays of Hierarchically Dewetted Microdroplets
Chanho Park, Seunggun Yu, Suk Man Cho, Giyoung Song, Yujeong Lee, Han Sol Kang, Seung Won Lee, Hongkyu Eoh, Cheolmin Park*

Nano Energy 51, 558 (2018) VIEW

[181] Biodegradable, Electro-active Chitin Nanofiber Films for Flexible Piezoelectric Transducers
Kyungtae Kim, Minjeong Ha, Byeongwook Choi, Se Hun Joo, Han Sol Kang, Ju Hyun Park, Bongjun Gu, Chanho Park, Cheolmin Park, Jongbok Kim, Sang Kyu Kwak, Hyunhyub Ko*, Jungho Jin* and Seok Ju Kang*

Nano Energy 48, 275 (2018) VIEW

[180] Block Copolymer Structural Color Strain Sensor
Tae Hyun Park, Seunggun Yu, Sung Hwan Cho, Han Sol Kang, Yeongsik Kim, Min Ju Kim, Hongkyu Eoh, Chanho Park, Beomjin Jeong, Seung Won Lee, Du Yeol Ryu, June Huh and Cheolmin Park *

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Small 14, 170424 (2018) [front cover] VIEW

[176]Surface Functionalized Nanostructures via Position Registered Supramolecular Polymer Assembly 
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Nanoscale 10, 6333 (2018) [back cover] VIEW 

[175] Humidity‐Resistant, Fabric‐Based, Wearable Triboelectric Energy Harvester by Treatment of Hydrophobic Self‐Assembled Monolayers
Min‐Ook Kim, Soonjae Pyo, Giyoung Song, Wondo Kim, Yongkeun Oh, Chanho Park, Cheolmin Park and Jongbaeg Kim*

Advanced Materials Technologies 3, 1800048 (2018) VIEW

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Vimal K. Tiwari, Yujeong Lee, Giyoung Song, Kang Lib Kim, Youn Jung Park and Cheolmin Park*

Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 56, 795 (2018) VIEW

[173] Bottom‐Up Synthesis of Carbon Quantum Dots With High Performance Photo‐ and Electroluminescence
Hong Hee Kim,  Yeon Ju Lee,  Chanho Park,  Seunggun Yu,  Sung Ok Won,  Won‐Seon Seo,  Cheolmin Park* and Won Kook Choi*

Particle & Particle System Characterization 35, 1800080 (2018) VIEW


Year 2017

[172] Multifunctional Woven Structure Operating as Triboelectric Energy Harvester, Capacitive Tactile Sensor Array, and Piezoresistive Strain Sensor Array
Kihong Kim, Giyoung Song, Cheolmin Park and Kwang-Seok Yun*

Sensors 17, 2582 (2017) VIEW

[171] Effect of the Relative Permittivity of Oxides on the Performance of Triboelectric Nanogenerators 
Yeon Joo Kim,  Jaejun Lee,  Sangwon Park,  Chanho Park,  Cheolmin Park  and  Heon-Jin Choi*

RSC Advances 7, 49166 (2017) VIEW

[170] Shaping Micro-clusters via Inverse Jamming and Topographic Close-packing of Microbombs
Seunggun Yu, Hyesung Cho, Jun Pyo Hong, Hyunchul Park, Jason Christopher Jolly, Hong Suk Kang, Jin Hong Lee, Junsoo Kim, Seung Hwan Lee, Albert S. Lee, Soon Man Hong, Cheolmin Park, Shu Yang* and Chong Min Koo
Nature Communications 8, 721 (2017) VIEW

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Seung Hwan Lee,  Seunggun Yu,  Faisal Shahzad,  Woo Nyon Kim,  Cheolmin Park,  Soon Man Hong  and  Chong Min Koo*

Nanoscale 9, 13432 (2017) VIEW

[168] Design of Amine Modified Polymer Dispersants for Liquid-phase Exfoliation of  Transition Metal Dichalcogenide Nanosheets and Their Photodetective Nanocomposites
Jinseong Lee, Richard Hahnkee Kim, Seunggun Yu, Dhinesh Babu Velusamy, Hyeokjung Lee, Chanho Park, Suk Man Cho, Beomjin Jeong, Han Sol Kang and Cheolmin Park*

2D Materials 4, 041002. (2017) VIEW

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Seunggun Yu, Kyusup Park, Jang-Woo Lee, Soon Man Hong, Cheolmin Park*,  Tae Hee Hanand Chong Min Koo*
Macromolcular Research 25, 599 (2017) VIEW

[165] Organic Light Emitting Board for Dynamic Interactive Display
Eui Hyuk Kim, Sung Hwan Cho, Ju Han Lee, Beomjin Jeong, Richard Hahnkee Kim, Seunggun Yu, Tae-Woo Lee, Wooyoung Shim, and Cheolmin Park*
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Advanced Functional Materials 27 (10). (2017) VIEW

[162] Printable and Rewritable Full Block Copolymer Structural Color
Han Sol Kang, Jinseong Lee, Suk Man Cho, Tae Hyun Park, Min Ju Kim, Chanho Park, Seung Won Lee, Kang Lib Kim, Du Yeol Ryu, June Huh, Edwin L. Thomas* and Cheolmin Park*
Advanced Materials online published. (2017) [front cover] VIEW

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Sung Hwan Cho, Eui Hyuk Kim, Beomjin Jeong, Ju Han Lee, Giyoung Song, Ihn Hwang, Himchan Cho, Kang Lib Kim, Seunggun Yu, Richard Hahnkee Kim, Seung Won Lee, Tae-Woo Leeb and Cheolmin Park* 
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Richard Hahnkee Kim, Jinseong Lee, Kang Lib Kim, Suk Man Cho, Dong Ha Kim and Cheolmin Park*
Small 13 (20). (2017) VIEW

[159] Supramolecular-Assembled Nanoporous Film with Switchable Metal Salts for a Triboelectric Nanogenerator
Chanho Park, Giyoung Song, Suk Man Cho, Jihoon Chung, Yujeong Lee, Eui Hyuk Kim, Minjoo Kim, Sangmin Lee, June Huh* and Cheolmin Park*
Advanced Functional Materials online published. (2017) [inside front cover] VIEW

[158] Highly Flexible Inverted-Quantum-Dot Light-Emitting Diodes on Elastic Polyurethane Substrates
Hong Hee Kim, Jae Won Shim, Young-Jun You, Yeon Ju Lee, Cheolmin Park,  Do Kyung Hwang* and Won Kook Choi*
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 5 (7), 1596-1600. (2017) VIEW

[157] Highly Anisotropic Cu Oblate Ellipsoids Incorporated Polymer Composites with Excellent Performance for Broadband Electromagnetic Interference Shielding.
Seung Hwan Lee, Seunggun Yu, Faisal Shahzad, Jun Pyo Hong, Woo Nyon Kim*Cheolmin Park, Soon Man Hong and Chong Min Koo*
Composites Science and Technology 144 57-62. (2017) VIEW

[156] Flexible and Highly Efficient Perovskite Solar Cells with a Large Active Area Incorporating Cobalt-Doped Poly (3-hexylthiophene) for Enhanced Open-Circuit Voltage
Jae Woong Jung, Joon-Suh Park, Il Ki Han, Yujeong Lee, Cheolmin Park, Woosung Kwon and Minwoo Park*
Journal of Materials Chemistry A Online Published. (2017) VIEW

[155] Micropatterned Pyramidal Ionic Gels for Sensing Broad-Range Pressures with High Sensitivity
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ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 9 (11), 10128-10135. (2017) VIEW

[154] Room-Temperature-Processable Wire-Templated Nanoelectrodes for Flexible and Transparent All-Wire Electronics
Sung-Yong Min, Yeongjun Lee, Se Hyun Kim, Cheolmin Park, and Tae-Woo Lee*
ACS Nano 11 (4), 3681-3689. (2017) VIEW

Year 2016

[153] Emissive CdTe/ZnO/GO Quasi-Core–Shell–Shell Hybrid Quantum Dots for White Light Emitting Diodes
Hong Hee Kim, Joon-Suh Park, Il Ki Han, Sung Ok Won, Cheolmin Park, Do Kyung Hwang* and Won Kook Choi* 
Nanoscale 8 (47), 19737-19743. (2017) VIEW

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Wei Wang, Kang Lib Kim, Suk Man Cho, Ju Han Lee, and Cheolmin Park*
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (49), 33863-33873. (2016) VIEW

[151] Thin and Surface Adhesive Ferroelectric Poly(vinylidene fluoride) Films with β Phase‐Inducing Amino Modified Porous Silica Nanofillers
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Journal of Polymer Science Part B: Polymer Physics 54 (23), 2401-2411. VIEW

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Adila Rani, Dhinesh Babu Velusamy, Richard Hahnkee Kim, Kyungwha Chung, Filipe Marques Mota, Cheolmin Park* and Dong Ha Kim*
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Beomjin Jeong, Ihn Hwang, Sung Hwan Cho, Eui Hyuk Kim, Soonyoung Cha, Jinseong Lee, Han Sol Kang, Suk Man Cho, Hyunyong Choi, and Cheolmin Park*
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Ju Han Lee, Beomjin Jeong, Sung Hwan Cho, Eui Hyuk Kim, Cheolmin Park*
Advanced Functional Materials26 (30), 5391-5399. (2016) [Front Cover] VIEW

[146] Boron Nitride Nanosheets (BNNSs) Chemically Modified by “Grafting‐From” Polymerization of Poly(caprolactone) for Thermally Conductive Polymer Composites        
Jinseong Lee, Haejong Jung, Seunggun Yu,Suk Man Cho,Vimal K. TiwariDhinesh Babu Velusamy, Cheolmin Park*
Chemistry–An Asian Journal11(13), 1921-1928.(2016) VIEW

[145] Multilevel non-volatile data storage utilizing common current hysteresis of networked single walled carbon nanotubes    
Ihn Hwang, Wei Wang, Sun Kak Hwang, Sung Hwan Cho, Kang Lib Kim, Beomjin Jeong, June Huh* Cheolmin Park*                        
Nanoscale8(19), 10273-10281.(2016) VIEW

[144] Humidity controlled crystallization of thin CH3NH3PbI3 films for high performance perovskite solar cell
Beomjin JeongSuk Man ChoSung Hwan ChoJu Han LeeIhn HwangSun Kak HwangJinhan ChoTae-Woo Lee*Cheolmin Park* 
physica status solidi (RRL)–Rapid Research Letters, 10.5 (2016): 381-387.VIEW

[143] Optimized Solvent Vapor Annealing for Long-Range Perpendicular Lamellae in PS-b-PMMA Films
Kyunginn Kim, Sungmin Park, Yeongsik Kim, Joona Bang, Cheolmin Park* and Du Yeol Ryu*
Macromolecules, 49.5 (2016): 1722-1730. VIEW

[142] Simple, Inexpensive, and Rapid Approach to Fabricate Cross‐Shaped Memristors Using an Inorganic‐Nanowire‐Digital‐Alignment Technique and a One‐Step Reduction Process
Wentao Xu , Yeongjun Lee , Sung-Yong Min , Cheolmin Park* , and Tae-Woo Lee*
Advanced Materials, 28.3 (2016): 527-532.VIEW

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Seunggun Yu, Haejong Jung, Jinseong Lee, Giyoung Song, Jae Ho Choi, Cheolmin Park*
International Journal of Nanotechnology, 13.4-6 (2016): 376-384. VIEW

[140] A field-induced hole generation layer for high performance alternating current polymer electroluminescence and its application to extremely flexible devices
Ju Han Lee, Sung Hwan Cho, Richard Hahnkee Kim, Beomjin Jeong, Sun Kak Hwang, Ihn Hwang, Kang Lib Kim, Eui Hyuk Kim, Tae-Woo Lee*, Cheolmin Park*
Journal of Materials Chemistry C(20), 4434-4441. VIEW

Year 2015

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Shavkat U.Yuldashev, Vadim Sh.Yalishev, Ziyodbek A.Yunusov, Seung Joo Lee, Hee Chang Jeon, Young Hae Kwon, Geun Tak Lee, Cheol Min Park*, Tae Won Kang*
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