Cheolmin Park


School of Advanced Materials Science and Engineering,

Yonsei University, 50 Yonsei-ro, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul 03722, Korea

Tel: +82-2-2123-2833, Fax: +82-2-365-5375






1992.2: B.S., Dept. Textile Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea

1995.8: M.S., Dept. Fiber and Polymer Engineering, Seoul National University, Korea

2001.6: Ph.D., Dept. Materials Science and Engineering, MIT, USA


Personal experience

2001.7 -2002.8: Post doctoral fellow, Dept. Chemistry, Harvard University

2002.9 -2006.8: Assistant Professor, Yonsei University, Seoul 

2006.9 -2011.8: Associate Professor, Yonsei University, Seoul

2011.9 – present: Professor, Yonsei University, Seoul


Research Experience

(1996 ~ 2001)
National Synchrotron Light Source
Brookhaven National Laboratory, Upton NY
In collaboration with Prof. Yachin Cohen (Technion, Israel), Dr. Yuanming Zhang (Cornell University)

(2000 ~ 2001)
Institut Charles Sadron, CNRS Strasbourg, France
In collaboration with: Prof. Bernard Lotz, Prof. Jean-Claude Wittman.


Affilated Experience

American Physics Society

The Materials Research Society

American Chemical Society

The Polymer Society of Korea

Korean Institute of Chemical Engineers

Korean Society of Industrial & Engineering Chemistry

The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials

The Materials Research Society of Korea


Scientific Activities

Academic Program Committee Member, The Polymer Society of Korea

Committee Member, The Korean Institute of Metals and Materials

Committee Member, The Materials Research Society of Korea


Research background: My research group seeks to utilize the molecular self-assembly principles found in Nature to create and control new nanometer scale soft and hybrid materials for innovative electrical devices based on emerging nanotechnology. The research  interest covers from molecular design, assembly to nanopatterns and devices including self-organizing polymer systems and nanostructures, with particular emphasis on functional  block  copolymer materials; non-lithographic nanoimprinting and contact printing combined with surface engineering; ultrahigh density ferroelectric polymer memory, carbon nanotube assembly & composite and organic light emitting diode and transistor. The goal is to contribute to the understanding of process-structure-property relationships and to create technologically useful materials and devices.